Natural Stones and Beads

Erk Eye of the Roo

This Roo borosilicate pendant from Eric D'Adamo of Erkels Glass is a primary example of kangaroo mastery. Tiger eye and amber colored beads string together nicely for a short or long look. Signed and dated by the artist.


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Arizona Nights

Vintage Beaded Copper Tree of Life

Contemporary green beads and turquoise complement this copper tone, tear drop shaped tree of life pendant.



Glass Jewelry Collaborations

Vintage gold tone chain with yellow and brown crackle glass beads complement this yellow banded jasper created by Bruce Runner. Includes matching earrings on gold tone wire. Can be worn full length or doubled to create a short look.


Desert tortoise on copper loops

This desert tortoise swings from loops of copper wire on natural black cord.


Desert tortoise on natural cording

A simple tortoise wrapped with copper wire hangs from hemp cording.


Three Wired Tortoises

Three tortoises hang or rest lashed on loops of copper wire. Natural black cord and a copper loop allow the length to adjust to the exactl length desired.


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