Arizona & Texas Borosilicate Artists

Shuhbuh Turquoise Monster Head
This iconic Monster Head glides freely on 26-28 inches of round turquoise beads and sterling silver spacers with a sterling S clasp and hook. Signed and dated. This piece is a rare find and competively priced.
Pay wit

Cactus Button Flower Implosion with vintage cork and white glass beads

Precise attention to detail on this flower implosion by Isaac Clodfelter at Glow Tree Glass and a juicy cactus button by Jack Morris of Upgrade Glass nestles between two vintage cork and white glass beads. Vintage green beads complement the detailed fusion of the desert jewel in a unique redesign. This is the epitome of a collaborative endeavor and a must for a borosilicate collector.


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Brian Jacobson Fillicello Pendant

The flip on this fillicello coupled with a combination of vintage and contemporary beads is an eyecatcher. The beading allows it to be worn in multiple lengths.



Jon Fischbach Torso on White Jasper

This borosilicate torso makes a bold statement. Natural white jasper round beads accent the choker length necklace.


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